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Mr. Johnson
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Please tell me...

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rose september
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i believe there's no such thing as a perfect family, every family have issues and problems whether their rich or their poor. you can say a perfect family is this or that families are just the way they are, they may get along and life happily ever after or they may not.

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 perfect family includes love, money, good connection, ability to talk about anything with eachother, everybody going somewhere in life

Queen B
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A prefect family ...... there no such thing as a prefect,who's to say what a prefect is ,what's make a family so prefect

jonny blaze
Reply with quote  #6 

like queen b said there is no perfect family no one is perfect everyone has problems

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Wow here we go again on Family values,and the perfect family.The mythical norm is that you have two parents, the reality, that less then 50 perent fit the mythical norm. There never was a time in our society that two people were married had 2 kids and lived in a white house and it was that way for the majority of our socieity. Even during the 50's and 60's Civil rights were exploding people were getting killed for not being the mythical norm, white middle classed, ectra. The mythical norm is that you have 2.5 kids, god i wonder what happened to half the child. The mythical norm is that they are middle class, heck, then if it is normal to be middle class why are so many families living in poverty, 3.5 million children experience homelessness every year.
Family values, What is it. Are there really families we can point to and say they havegood family values/ and that is how all people should live or choose to live,  what about the family where mom is working two jobs to support her children , whose father left them, does she not have good family values, can we not  point to her and say i hope everyone has a mother like her. What about the parent that accepts they child who is lesbian or gay, and helps her accept that he/she is loved no matter what, it is called unconditional love, is that not a good family value. What about the man who stuggles every day in addiction his own family abandoned him, and a member of our society takes him in gets him off the streets teaches him to live sober, allowing him to become a member or their family. is that not family values. i want to know what the republicans and conservatives define as family values and what will they do when a child makes bad choices, tell the child to go to hell and never allow him/her back in their life, because of those choices, or will they say i love you unconditionally and will help you when you fall, stand by you when you need someone. love your neighbors as yourself, is not that family values, dont kill, dont steal , work hard , love yourself, dont hurt others, believe in good, do good, that is true family values and they are alive and well in our society, just wish the mythical norm would get it that they are not the perfect family, nor do I wish to immulate them so i am worth more in their socieity.
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i dont know if there is such thing as being perfect but clearly whooo really cares? is perfect all you want to be in life? NOOOOO!!!! being perfect might sound like its good but ummm it might not be all i was growing up i wanted to be perfect...but guess what?!?! all you have to do is be yourself and everything will fall into place!! thats what i did and im hanging with the best of friends and NOOO i AM NOT A LUZER!!! hahaa

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There is no such thing as a perfect family because we as humans are not perfect & a family is filled with imperfect people
Folorunsho Moshood
Reply with quote  #10 

A perfect family? Definitely not on this planet. There can never be a perfect family. We may have examples of near-pefect family which many contributors have described above.

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It's true that there is no perfect family and it's best if we can be happy with the way we are, but this is what I shoot for in my family: a mother and father, children, a dog and/or a cat, the father working, the mother staying at home and taking care of the children, celebration of all the major holidays, eating dinner together every night and preferably breakfast too, three well-balanced meals a day, visits to see the grandparents a couple of times a year (whether or not on holidays), a family fun day/game night, a tidy home, the parents have some hobbies by themselves and each other, the dad has some time with his friends and the mom with hers.

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There is no way for a family to have a perfect life, all families in the world have got issues, such as: money, water, food, bills, arguements with parents, school money (if their poor), stationary for school kids to buy (if their poor), etc, but to have a perfect life, not that perfect, is to love everyone in your family, even if their your enimies! Think good in life and never give up. Give respect to olders, such as: your big sister, big brother, parents, grandma's, grandads, etc, and have a good connection with all your families! Please read this and do the best thing for everyone.
eric b
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A lot of love,good comunication, and respect is what makes a family perfect....not money
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A perfect family does not exist.
Family like humans have to deal with each other. arguments will be there, problems like money,values to teach children, church to go to, e.t.c. these are to be discussed for family to grow strong.
All family members irregardless of who they are must grow together for them to be strong. Humans have weaknesses in families, therefore you must choose to forgive one another to live with one another.  
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Every member of an ideal family would feel safe and have the opportunity to express his/her needs. She would feel inspired to become a better person and he would feel supported in his endeavors. Each member would be lovingly pushed and encouraged. He would be important and would establish a strong sense of direction with his family. She would be hugged and kissed. They would all dance together, as best as they can.

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